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Guide to Course Levels & Teaching Method

Course Levels

  • Beginner: You have no experience of playing the harp.
  • Post-Beginner: You took last year’s beginners’ class, have had relatively few lessons and/or require help with basic technique.
  • Elementary: You can already perform simple tunes, require further help in consolidating basic technique and wish to work slowly and carefully.
  • Intermediate: You already have good technique and can work at a moderate pace.
  • Advanced: Your technique is good and you wish to stretch yourself.
  • Mixed Ability: For all levels, except Beginner or Post-beginner.

For further advice about course levels please contact us on +44 (0) 131 445 2022

Teaching Method

  • E: teaching will be by ear with no written music given out
  • E+M: teaching will be by ear with written music given out during or at the end of the class or course
  • M: teaching will be from written music
  • M+E: written music will be given at the start of each course. Teaching methods will be sympathetic to all levels of skill in reading music.