Saturday 10th April, 13:00

Saturday 10th April, 13:00

A New Generation 1

Supported by the Royal Celtic Society

  • Brigitte and Clara Harrigan Lees
  • Grace Stewart-Skinner
  • Lucie Hendry
  • Luke Webb
  • Sophie Chapman

Enjoy a joyful lunchtime interlude, with a chance to hear the potential of the clarsach at every level – and catch a glimpse into its exciting future! 

One of the principal aims of EIHF and The Clarsach Society is to encourage and support young clarsach students at every stage of development. 

With this in mind, we invited 17 young players, some still in full-time education and some professional performers, to record a short piece or a set for EIHF.

Elinor Evans has compiled them into 3 vibrant performances, one of which she will introduce on each day of the Festival.