Monday 12th April, 19:00

Laoise Kelly : Llio Rhydderch : Adriano Sangineto : Rachel Hair & Ron Jappy

Monday 12th April, 19:00

Sponsored by David & Brenda Lamb, supported by the Italian Cultural Institute

  • 19:00-19:30 Harp to Harp pre-concert conversation: Llio Rhydderch talks about her music and life to her pupil, Catrin
  • Music from 19:30, with an interval
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Artist Info & Links
Laoise Kelly

Laoise’s concert will feature material from her solo traditional repertoire displaying her iconic driving style for which she is famed and admired. She will also perform some of her new compositions inspired by birdsong and evoking the beautiful environment of her native Ireland.

Llio Rhydderch

Steeped from birth in the living tradition of the Welsh Triple Harp, Llio has preserved and extended this music into this century, sharing it with the world and passing it on to her students. In performance she brings her own boundary breaking artistry to create sound worlds of exquisite vision and emotional depth.

Adriano Sangineto

Italian musician Adriano presents Arpa Creativa, a show with a thousand aspects, where his harp becomes an extension of his lively and engaging character. His original compositions bring new and unexpected twists to the mainstream harp repertoire. Hands and feet keep on moving under and over the stage as he draws on his experience of many styles and genres, skilfully blending them with humour into his own inimitable performance.

Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy

Combining Scotland’s oldest Scottish instrument, the clarsach, and the newest addition to the traditional music arsenal, the guitar, Rachel Hair and Ron Jappy embrace the rich cultural tradition that currently thrives throughout Scotland. With a repertoire ranging from crisp strathspeys and heartfelt airs to virtuosic reels and driving jigs, Rachel and Ron dissect some of Scotland’s most ancient of melodies and intersperse them with new ideas and self-penned tunes, performing music from their latest release, SPARKS.

“Sparkling and inspiring”

“Brilliantly simpatico duo, exhilarating adrenalin ecstatic emotion”