Massage & Holistic Pulsing

The Festival programme offers a wealth of musical choices and perhaps you will want to indulge and enjoy some relaxation through massage and holistic pulsing. 

Massage with Tana Collins

Bookings to be made at The Clarsach Society Information Desk at the Festival Hub in the main building

Neck and Shoulders (optional arms/hands) – popular with those whose tension is mainly in their upper body. Musicians will benefit in particular as will anyone with poor posture or emotional tension which tends to sit in the shoulders.

Back, Neck and Shoulders – those with mid or low back discomfort including sciatica sufferers will benefit as will anyone who wants a relaxing or stimulating full back work out.

Indian Head Massage – a real stress buster which promotes clarity of thought and calm. No oils used on head.

Neck and Shoulders with Indian Head Massage – this seated massage is a wonderful combination. No oils used

Thai Foot Massage – a blissful experience benefiting mind and body.

Rejuvenating Facial Massage  combines pressure point work with lymphatic drainage to give that youthful fresh-faced feel.



Holistic Pulsing with Marianne Cranston

Bookings to be made at The Clarsach Society Information Desk at the Festival Hub in the main building.

Holistic Pulsing is also known as the power of gentleness. The specific rhythm, together with the caring and respectful rocking and stretching invites the body to let go of tensions and blockages from deeper levels. Relaxation is the door to depth and contact with your inner self. Holistic Pulsing doesn’t impose anything, but invites the body to let go of tensions at increasingly deeper levels, while you are lying on a massage table. There is no need to undress.

Your balance is restored and your body starts to function better.