This year at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival we will be hosting the Medieval harp choir “Angelorum”. 

From California, USA and directed by harpist Cheryl Ann Fulton, Angelorum are performing at our Festival and then will be heading to the Highlands on a pilgrimage to the forests that provided the wood from which their harps were made.

They will be making a 20-minute documentary with filmmaker Ezio Taranto. This film, both educational and inspirational, will include concert footage of their performances at the Festival on Sunday and Wednesday and as well as Cheryl’s classes and lecture. The film will also cover the fascinating process of how the harps are made and interviews with the harp makers; history of the harp in medieval Scotland; playing medieval music on the harp; nature-inspired compositions for harp; and the harpists serenading the trees in the forests in Strathpeffer.

Have a look at their video about their project below, and read all about the project on their website

” Our relationship with nature reflects our relationship with ourselves.  Trees exhale, we inhale; we exhale, trees inhale.  Breath creates music. Making musical  instruments from the wood of trees allows us to create inspired music.  We are taking the opportunity to bring a special message of hope and harmony to the world by telling the unique story of our pilgrimage and by sharing our passion for harp music, trees and nature in this film.” – Cheryl Ann Fulton