Wow! We are very happy here at the EIHF as we have been nominated EVENT OF THE YEAR in theMG ALBA Scots Trad Awards for the Virtual EIHF 2020! 

We were the first major event of 2020 to be cancelled in Scotland and it’s just great that we’ve been recognised for being what we think was Scotland’s first virtual festival as a result of the pandemic, hastily organised with less than 4 weeks notice, right at the start of lockdown in early April.

We need your help now in the next stage. If you could take a few mins to vote for us in the category, that would be just amazing!
You don’t have to vote in every section, although you will notice there’s a few of our Festival Friends (harpists) listed if you fancy lending them a vote too.


You can vote for us HERE

Read about our nomination HERE


Thank you so much for all your continuing support!