The 41st Edinburgh International Harp Festival, 8th-13th April 2022

Thank you all for sharing in our anniversary celebration and making this year so special.

Thanks to our wonderful concert performers, course tutors, workshop leaders; our sponsors and supporters; our tech teams, volunteers and everyone behind the scenes – and last, but not least, our amazing audience – we’re able to look forward to 2022 with optimism and excitement.

So save the dates – and we promise you something extra-special…

Rory Dall’s Port: Workshop and Play-along

One of the highlights of this year’s Festival is our celebratory collaboration video, prepared for us by harper (and technology whizz!) Màiri Macleod. Learn the tune with her first, then play along!

Festival Day by Day

Friday 9th April 2021
7.00pmHarp to Harp pre-concert conversation
Janette Bain talks to Isobel Mieras about her life and association with The Clarsach Society
7.30pm Evening Concert
Ailie Robertson : Iain MacFarlane & Ingrid Henderson : Maggie MacInnes : Sìleas
Saturday 10th April 2021
10.00am – 11.15amMorning Courses
11.45am – 12.45pmWorkshops
Ailie Robertson / Maggie MacInnes
1.00pm Lunchtime Concert
A New Generation 1
2.15pm – 3.45pm Workshop
Hermanos Corbalán – The Essence of the Paraguayan Harp
4.00pm – 5.15pm Afternoon Courses
7.00pm Harp to Harp pre-concert conversation
Patsy Seddon talks to John Hoare about himself, Pilgrim Harps and the Festival – from its 1st to its 40th incarnation.
7.30pm Evening Concert
Corrina Hewat & Dave Milligan : Yiota Myserli : Young Chinese Musicians : Maeve Gilchrist : Tarab Trio
Sunday 11th April 2021
10.00am – 11.15am Morning Courses
11.45am – 12.45pm Workshop
Ingrid Henderson
1.00pm Lunchtime Concert
A New Generation 2 
2.00pm Afternoon Concert
Anne Denholm & Eira Lynn Jones
4.00pm – 5.15pm Afternoon Courses
7.00pm Harp to Harp pre-concert conversation
Mary Macmaster and Patsy Seddon talk about their musical times together both in and outwith the Festival
7.30pm Evening Concert
Dråm : Esther Swift : Park Stickney : Hermanos Corbalán
Monday 12th April 2021
10.00am – 11.15am Morning Courses (3-day)
11.45am – 12.45pm Workshop
Park Stickney
1.00pm Lunchtime Concert
A New Generation 3
2.15pm – 2.45pm Masterclass
Eira Lynn Jones – Masterclass
4.00pm – 5.15pm Afternoon Courses (3-day)
7.00pm Harp to Harp pre-concert conversation
Llio Rhydderch talks about her music and life to her pupil, Catrin
7.30pm Evening Concert
Laoise Kelly : Llio Rhydderch : Adriano Sangineto : Rachel Hair & Ron Jappy

Festival News

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