Is there accommodation on site?





Yes! Merchiston offers comfortable accommodation for all tastes and pockets. For more information and reservation details, click here


Is there parking on site?



Parking at Merchiston is free but limited. There may be a short walk to the venue from some of the parking available on campus or on adjacent roads. If you are delivering harps or children, please drop them off at the main building then find a parking space on the driveway or the road outside campus. Staff will be on hand at busy times to direct traffic. Sometimes we need to close the gate when it gets really busy. 

There is disabled parking at the front of the main building, by the entrance to the cafeteria and by Mappi Mundi building. Please display your badge. Please only park in designated areas and pay attention to our ‘no parking’ signs. There is no parking by Mappi Mundi or the Theatre except for disabled badge holders.

Residential guests are asked to park their vehicles down the main drive to leave the quads empty for day guests. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

For a map of the venue and grounds, visit our venue page


How do I register for my course?



Course participants must register for their course(s) on arrival at Merchiston. Our Registration Desk is located at the Festival Hub in the Main Building and will be open during the following times:

Friday: 4:00pm – 7:00pm
Saturday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
Sun – Tues: 8:30am – 6:00pm


Where can I collect my tickets?





Tickets will be emailed to you from our event ticketing providers Red61. You can order online via our website or by phone +44 (0)131 554 0212. Please have a copy with you on your smart phone/tablet or you can collect your tickets at the Festival Hub. All tickets have a barcode which will then be scanned by our stewards on entry to the event.


Can I hire a harp at the Festival?



A small stock of lever harps is available for hire at the festival. These are generally intended for those coming from abroad who may have problems in transporting a harp to the UK. The cost of hire for the duration of the Festival is £60 or £15 per day. Bookings for harp hire must be made in advance and payment can be made at the Festival Office on arrival at Merchiston.

For more details, please email office[at]harpfestival.co.uk, or phone +44 (0) 131 554 0212


Is there someplace I can leave my harp when I’m not attending a course





Harps may be stored, at the owner’s risk, in the 6A Club (opposite the Theatre Building).  Information will be provided at the Festival about access arrangements.  All instruments, cases, bags must be clearly named and it is advisable to have these insured by the owners.  EIHF and The Clarsach Society do not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any personal effects sustained during the Festival.


How do I book private lessons?



Private lessons will be available from a wide range of tutors. A one hour lesson costs £30. Bookings can only be made at the Festival via The Clarsach Society Information Desk at the Festival Hub in the main building. The Information Desk will be open Saturday to Wednesday from approximately 9am to 5pm, but may vary on occasions.


How do I book a private practice room?


Practice rooms are available for use by course participants.  Bookings can only be made at the Festival via The Clarsach Society Information Desk at the Festival Hub in the main building.  There is no charge for the use of the room – but please remember to cancel the booking if you change your mind about this.


Where can I find more information about The Clarsach Society



The Clarsach Society Information Desk will be located at the Festival Hub in the main building where you can find out more about:

Society Branches
Harp hire
Sale of music folios
Young Composers’ Award
Annual Scholarship
Private lessons
Booking of Practice Rooms
Massage – bookings can be made
Holistic pulsing – bookings can be made

Or visit the Society’s website