Late Night Sessions

Our late night sessions ensure there is even more music to enjoy after our evening concerts.

A different musician leads the session each night and everyone is welcome to join in – bring your harp along or any other instrument, or just relax with a nightcap whilst soaking up the atmosphere.

Our late night sessions are held each night in the Festival Club (Theatre).

In advance of the Festival, we’re releasing a number of different tunes so you have plenty of time to practice and build your late night repertoire!




March of the King of Laois – Trad. Irish


Song of the Chanter – Trad. Scottish/Irish/Manx


Archive: EIHF16

Flitter dance late night sessions – Full Score-2


Margaret’s Waltz, comp. Pat Shaw


Fac’ thu na Féidh (Scottish Gaelic port-a-beul)


Archive: EIHF15

Buain Na Ranich, trad. Scottish


Si Bheag Si Mhor, comp. O’Carolan


Atholl Highlanders, arr. Rachel Hair


Spootiskerry – Shetland Reel, comp. Ian Burns


The Lisnagun Jig – Brendan Ring


Archive: EIHF14

Davidson the Luthier, arr. Wendy Stewart


Leaving Lismore, arr. Cheyenne Brown


The Ale is Dear, arr. Gillian Fleetwood



I’m not Fed Up With The Pacific Ocean, arr. Patsy Seddon



Feis 25 Year Jig, arr. Corrina Hewat


Brose and Butter, arr. Rachel Hair