Timetable Accordion Concert Pass

Friday 9th April 2021
7.00pmHarp to Harp pre-concert conversation
Janette Bain talks to Isobel Mieras about her life and association with The Clarsach Society
7.30pm Evening Concert
Ailie Robertson : Iain MacFarlane & Ingrid Henderson : Maggie MacInnes : Sìleas
Saturday 10th April 2021
1.00pm Lunchtime Concert
A New Generation 1
7.00pm Harp to Harp pre-concert conversation
Patsy Seddon talks to John Hoare about himself, Pilgrim Harps and the Festival – from its 1st to its 40th incarnation.
7.30pm Evening Concert
Corrina Hewat & Dave Milligan : Yiota Myserli : Young Chinese Musicians : Maeve Gilchrist : Tarab Trio
Sunday 11th April 2021
1.00pm Lunchtime Concert
A New Generation
2.00pm Afternoon Concert
Anne Denholm & Eira Lynn Jones
7.00pm Harp to Harp pre-concert conversation
Mary Macmaster and Patsy Seddon talk about their musical times together both in and outwith the Festival
7.30pm Evening Concert
Dråm : Esther Swift : Park Stickney : Hermanos Corbalán
Monday 12th April 2021
1.00pm Lunchtime Concert
A New Generation 3
7.00pm Harp to Harp pre-concert conversation
Llio Rhydderch talks about her music and life to her pupil, Catrin
7.30pm Evening Concert
Laoise Kelly : Llio Rhydderch : Adriano Sangineto : Rachel Hair & Ron Jappy